DNC says unvaccinated workers could be fired

“Depending on your projects and your department, there may be some mandatory, project-based personal work at DNC ​​headquarters,” Guardiola wrote to the staff. She stressed that workers would be “adequately” informed in advance.

While some offices across the country have chosen to return to the office in a hybrid model of face-to-face and remote, the DNC said all employees must return to face-to-face work on January 3, 2022.

The DNC did not immediately respond to requests for comments. The directive is the latest example of workplaces trying to meet the Biden government’s vaccine goals – even places closely related to the White House.

Last month, the government announced a series of vaccine mandates for the federal government, affiliate contractors, and jobs with more than 100 workers. Many of these rules have yet to be implemented, but the government has sponsored companies that have implemented their own internal mandates, such as United Airlines.

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