Do Royal Mail use drones? Do they deliver near me?

In a historic step towards reducing its carbon footprint, Royal Mail has begun drone delivery of mail.

One advantage of drones in reaching remote locations in the UK is that they are less prone to weather changes. Many boats delivering mail to remote areas in the UK can often be delayed due to rough seas or fog.

Royal Mail will be running this two-week trial to test whether using drones may be a viable option in the future to connect remote island communities with written correspondence and small packages.

Up to 100 kg of mail can be transported over a flight distance of around 35 miles, with the aircraft reaching speeds of more than 90 minutes.

The trial is currently being carried out on an Orkney island called North Ronaldsay in Scotland, which is further north than the southern tip of Norway.

Sarah Moore, a local postwoman, said: “North Ronaldsay is a very remote area of ​​the UK and I am proud to be part of an initiative that will help Royal Mail do whatever it takes to connect all areas of the UK.”

As soon as the mail from Kirkwall is delivered by air to the community of just 70 people, it is sorted as usual and thrown into the islanders’ mailboxes.

Nick Landon, Royal Mail’s Chief Commercial Officer, said, “Trying out drone technology is just one way we can help our postmen deliver great service while reducing our carbon footprint.”

This is the third drone attempt Royal Mail has started, the first in December 2020 when a package was delivered to a lighthouse in the Isle of Mull. This was a first for a UK nationwide courier company.

The second process involved an “out of sight” drone package delivery with Windracers Ltd in the Isles of Scilly, which was also named the first.

If the third attempt proves successful, Royal Mail will attempt to roll out the service in more areas in the near future.

Do Royal Mail drones deliver near me?

Unless you live on a remote island in the British Isles, Royal Mail is unlikely to be flying a drone to your home any time soon.

Even so, a company in Australia called ‘Wings’, owned by Google, recently celebrated 100,000 successful drone deliveries to customers.

After ordering items via an app, e.g. For example, a glass of Vegemite, the items are packed and brought to the customer’s home.

As soon as the drone arrives, the products are automatically lowered and the vehicle drives back to the base.


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