Doc Antle From Tiger King Was Included in Britney Spears's Iconic 2001 VMAs Performance

If you thought Netflix’s latest obsession for everyone, Tiger King: murder, chaos and madness, couldn’t get wilder, how about linking with Britney Spears?

That’s right: there’s a direct line from the Queen of Pop to this real crime viral show on the world of large cat parks – and, more specifically, Doc Antle, founder and owner of the Species Institute rare and endangered (TIGERS) in South Carolina.

We all remember Spears’ famous performance of “I’m a Slave 4 U” at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards, which featured a large python snake and, yes, a tiger. Guess who was the master of this tiger? A Doc Antle with long black hair. He was even on stage during the performance, as you can see in these photos. Look in the upper left corner of the images.

Kevin Kane / Getty Images
Keven Mazur / Getty Images

In it, he gets closer and closer to the tiger – which won’t shock anyone who watched the Netflix docuseries. And here is a shot behind the scenes where you can really see the face of Antel.

Kevin Kane / WireImage / Getty Images

Tiger kingJoe’s main subject, Joe Exotic, counts Doc Antle as one of his inspirations for the opening of his own large cat park. But both have been criticized by animal rights activists, including Carole Baskin, Tiger king.

People on social media were blown away by the revelation of Britney Spears. “Britney’s performance in 2001 was a defining moment in my life and I lose my mind knowing that Doc Antle was there too,” said one person. tweeted.

“DUDE. I was watching Britney performance videos this weekend and I was like OMG ITS DOC ANTLE WITH A TIGER during her Slave4U performance! Lol,” wrote another.

This latest revelation begs the question: what will the Internet discover during Auto Quarantine this week? And also: Does Doc Antle have a favorite British song? I need answers immediately.


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