Doctor issues warning to anybody who does controversial sleeping habit

A doctor has warned those who like to sleep.

The question of what to wear – or not to wear between the sheets – is often debated, especially in warm weather.

Some claim that sleeping naked cools your body temperature, which in turn signals your internal clock that it is time to take a nap.

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But one doctor claims you should never sleep naked – and for one very compelling reason.

Anthony Youn MD, a plastic surgeon in the United States, posted a TikTok video claiming the nighttime habit is very unsanitary.

He says that the average person “farts 15-25 times a day” and that this also happens while you are sleeping.

The real problem, he added, is that “a scientific study has shown that every time you open the gas, a tiny amount of feces is sprayed”. [poo]”.

“The same study shows that your tight whites catch all of these particles,” he added.

“So, for the sake of your bed partner, please sleep in your underwear.”

More than seven million people watched the video and were very different from the advice.

One woman wrote: “But I heard that it is good for women not to sleep with their underwear on, because it is good to air them out?”

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A second said, “Listen. I’ve happily farted into my sheets for 39 years. You won’t change me.”

And a third added: “Obgyn has been said to be healthier if possible to go without it.”

But some people seemed grateful for the warning.

Another user wrote: “So yesterday I washed my bedclothes and last night I ruined them. Got it.”


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