Doctor reveals Christian Eriksen's first words after he was brought back

One of the doctors resuscitating Christian Eriksen when the Danish midfielder collapsed during the Euro 2020 game against Finland has revealed what the player said on his return.

Eriksen suffered a heart attack on the pitch at the end of the first half and had to be given CPR – resuscitated with a defibrillator.

Danish team doctor Morten Boesen has confirmed that Christian Eriksen had suffered cardiac arrest and that “he was gone” before he was resuscitated.

The German doctor Jens Kleinefeld helped deliver the shock that got the 29-year-old’s heart going again.

He said Fox sport: “About 30 seconds later the player opened his eyes and I was able to speak to him directly. That was a very moving moment, because with such medical emergencies in everyday life, the chances of success are much lower.

He asked Eriksen: “Well, are you with us again?” and Eriksen replied, “Yeah, I’m back with you. Damn it, I’m only 29 years old.”

Eriksen regained consciousness before he was rushed to the hospital, where medical professionals continue to work to identify the cause of his cardiac arrest and have opted for an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD).

The Danish team doctor Morten Boesen informed about his status on Thursday: “After Christian had undergone various heart examinations, it was decided that he should get an ICD (heart starter).

“This device is necessary after a heart attack due to arrhythmia.

“Christian accepted the solution and the plan was also confirmed by specialists at home and abroad who all recommend the same treatment.

“We encourage everyone to give Christian and his family (in) peace and privacy in the following time.”

The football world was stunned when the events played out in front of millions on television on Saturday, and Eriksen thanked those who posted support messages in an Instagram post on Tuesday saying he was “fine under the circumstances.”

His teammates decided to end the game against Finland later on Saturday night after having the opportunity to return the next day.

Some of them were still clearly affected by what they had experienced and Jesper Moller, chairman of the Danish football association DBU, then called for the UEFA regulations to be changed.

He said in a statement on the DBU’s official website: “This is a situation that players and coaches should not be placed in. It is and should not be your choice.

“It was a wrong decision and completely untenable that the players had to be on the field so quickly after the terrible experience.

“We now want an evaluation of the entire decision-making process in order to get all the relevant facts and information on the table.

“We need to consider changing the rules to make sure we’re never in the same situation again. We are ready to submit a resolution to UEFA. “

Eriksen’s team-mates prepared for Thursday’s game against Belgium at the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen.

Professor Sanjay Sharma, chairman of the football association’s expert group on heart consensus, has expressed strong doubts that Eriksen will be playing professionally again after the incident on Saturday, telling the PA news agency: “In the UK we would be very strict.”

Daley Blind, a close friend and former Ajax teammate of Eriksen, has been playing with an ICD in Holland since experiencing cardiac symptoms twice in 2019 and 2020. Blind was visibly emotional after being substituted in the Netherlands’ win against Ukraine the day after Eriksen’s breakdown.


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