Doctor struck off after asking colleague to help him write new 50 Shades

A creepy doctor was deleted after asking a coworker to help him write a 50 Shades of Gray book about the hospital they worked at.

Dr. Muhammad Asghar texted the woman saying he wanted to write an NHS version of EL James’ bestselling adult novel, a disciplinary hearing was told.

The married pediatrician had made advances to the woman for two years, wrote her love letters and even bought her a Ted Baker love heart necklace, the jury heard.

Dr. Asghar and his victim – identified only as colleague A – were colleagues at Furness General Hospital in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria.

Among the messages he sent her was one in which he said, “I’m going to write a book, but I need a partner, the book will be called ‘Fifty Shades of Furness General …'”.

After Asghar forcibly kissed her twice without consent, he was investigated. Although he claimed he did not remember the incidents, the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service panel removed him from the job after finding that he had displayed “a pattern of persistent sexually motivated behavior.”

The hearing was told that Asghar graduated from the University of Punjab in Pakistan and qualified as a doctor in 1975. While working at Barrow-in-Furness – part of the Morecambe Bay NHS Trust – between 2016 and 2018, he began to pester the woman.

In addition to texting her, he asked other employees when she would next be at work. The board heard that this made another colleague “uncomfortable” because he felt that he had a “romantic interest” that was “crossing a line” and was “unprofessional”.

The court heard that he sent numerous inappropriate text messages, such as “I got a new car with a large back seat …” suggesting that she come by alone for a while while his wife is away.

He wrote ‘I love you’ on a piece of paper and showed it to her, heard the blackboard. In 2016, Asghar “grabbed” his colleague’s face with both hands and tried to kiss her before pushing him away, the board heard.

Colleague A told the tribunal it was “not aggressive” but she recorded the footage with five other staff members on her phone that was shown to the tribunal. He also bought gifts and “repeatedly” asked them to pick them up from him, the jury heard. On one occasion, after Colleague A “reluctantly” went to get earrings – which Asghar said were for her daughter from Pakistan – she was seen “distressed” by another doctor as she left his office.

She was seen holding a jewelry box when she came out and told the doctor that Asghar tried to kiss her, the jury heard. When the matter was investigated, Asghar claimed that colleague A always initiated hugs and refused to kiss her.

The woman had refused to bring charges, but after the hospital investigated his behavior, the disgraced doctor was brought before the MPTS. Colleague A had told the panel that the fifty-colored comment was “just a joke”.

Not only did he discover that he had kissed her without her consent, he concluded, “Colleague A thought these comments were a joke from other events like this [kissing] November 2016 incident – Inappropriate.

“Between these incidents there were two incidents of serious sexual misconduct with a sexually motivated behavior pattern towards colleague A.

“Asghar has abused the considerable power imbalance between their respective positions and thus abused the trust placed in him.

“In the period between these two incidents, which were 18 months apart, [he has] showed a pattern of persistent sexually motivated behavior towards colleague A.


“The Tribunal therefore found that the proven conduct against Asghar in connection with the lack of remedy and insight on his part is so serious that his conduct is fundamentally incompatible with his continued registration as a doctor.”

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