Doctors issue e-cigarette warning over vaping concerns

Doctors have requested e-cigarette packs to carry a warning due to vaping problems.

Health chiefs from 15 countries said there was enough evidence to warrant a warning on the front of the package.

According to health bosses, warnings on e-cigarettes should not be “softer” than normal cigarettes. They also called for a ban on vaping in public indoor spaces, claiming that doing so would increase the likelihood of people going back to smoking, the Sun reports.

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In 2008, the UK made it a legal requirement that tobacco packs have picture warnings and health messages are now required to occupy two-thirds of the pack.

There are very limited regulations on e-cigarette sales in the UK. However, they contain nicotine, which is addictive and has been linked to lung and blood vessel damage.

BMJ Open researchers said the risks were not being taken seriously.

Dr. Ivan Berlin from the Sorbonne University in France and his team called for stricter regulation.

He said, “They shouldn’t be sold in general stores, but in specialty stores, tobacco shops or pharmacies.”

However, health activists have argued that e-cigarette use should be encouraged as it is widely considered to be far safer than smoking tobacco.

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