Dog walker with school bus adorably full of pets has 'best job in the world'

Mo Mountain Mutts runs dog walks in Skagway, Alaska and their customers are the cutest. The audience asked, “Is this the bus we’re going to take to heaven?”

TikToker gives free liver to dogs on their puppy bus

TikTok envies a dog behaviorist for doing the “best job in the world” – driving a bus full of pets.

The trainer and dog handler from Skagway, Alaska shared one of her daily routines on the video sharing app and viewers couldn’t get enough of the cuteness.

In the clip she announces: “Thanks for coming with us Mo Mountain Mutts, would you like a free liver with your bus ride? ”

The dog expert then reads out the names of each dog patiently on the bus and gives them a liver treat when they confirm their presence.

The dogs on the bus included Echo, Louis, Daisy, Jake and Murray, but all of them loved “old Charles” the most.

The Mo Mountain Mutts bus full of dogs


Mo Mountain Mutts)

All dogs sat like gold on their chairs, quieter and quieter than any school bus.

The trainer added, “Please stay in your seat until we get to your home, keep your paws to you and keep your tails out of the aisles. Good dogs. “

One viewer could not believe how well behaved these dogs were and wrote: “A million times the children behaved better than children.”

Another added, “Is this the bus we take to go to Heaven?”

“This is a bus full of happiness,” said a third.

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And these spoiled pups aren’t the only pooches traveling in style.

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