Dog's unexpected reaction after owner blows raspberries

A Welsh Terrier had an unexpected reaction when its owner decided to blow raspberries in its direction.

The moment Jagger first heard the unusual noise was captured on camera.

The footage of the incident was then shared on a Facebook group called the Welsh Terrier Fan Club, where it received more than 200 reactions and dozens of comments.

In the footage, Jags, who lives in Manchester, is playing with his toy when his owner suddenly blows raspberries at him.

He jumps up and turns around quickly, obviously quite taken aback by what he has just heard, before pausing and turning to look at her owner in confusion.

The mysterious sound can be heard again and Jags reacts, shakes his head and lies down before jumping up and shaking again.

When its owner makes the noise a third time, the Welshman finally determines the source and jumps on the sofa.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the delightful footage when one replied, “If I lived 100 years … I would never get tired of it. Absolutely gorgeous. “

While another commented, “What a fun little puppy !! Makes me smile! “

A third added, “This is absolutely hilarious.”

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