Domino’s recruiting 5,000 new chefs and delivery drivers

Domino’s hires 5,000 new employees after employees who joined the company while on vacation return to their old jobs.

Last year, Domino’s hired an additional 6,000 people to handle the influx of demand during the initial lockdown.

The mass recruitment included people on leave from their usual jobs, such as retail clerks, hairdressers and taxi drivers.

Now the Covid restrictions have eased again and the employees have returned to their previous jobs. The company is trying to replace these workers and claims that demand for pizza does not seem to be falling. reports the BBC.

Domino’s operations manager Nicola Frampton said the group was “overwhelmed” by the response from applicants over the past year.

She said: “I am proud that we were able to play a part in giving people the opportunity to continue to work and earn money in difficult times.

“But as people get back together, customer demand is showing no sign of slowing down, so we’re now looking for 5,000 new employees.”

The chain participates in the government’s Kickstart program and offers around 1,400 jobs for young people in businesses in England, Scotland and Wales.

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Those involved in the program receive training while working and can apply for a permanent position after a six-month internship.

A quick google search shows that there are more than 50 branch positions in Wales.

It comes after many parts of the hospitality industry have declared that they cannot fully reopen due to a severe staff shortage.

Restaurants have to close on weekends to make up for the shortage, and even hoteliers are struggling to fill in the gaps.

Some of the problems with recruiting lie in problems caused by Brexit as some Europeans returned home last year and the lockdown prevented further local talent from being nurtured.

Vacations have also been described as one reason people left the industry as it gives workers a touch of freedom away from the often unsociable hours in the hospitality industry.


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