Domino's warn teenager for 'non-attendance' despite serious bleed on brain

An angry mother beat up Domino’s after they told her son they were sending his P45 for “constant absence” – despite being informed that he was hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage after returning home from work on his bike had been pushed.

Eighteen-year-old Thomas Mabbitt had retired from his job as a delivery driver on February 3 when he was involved in a traffic accident in which he was admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London, with a serious head injury.

Mother Julie Mabbitt rushed to the teenager’s bed before notifying his employers of the accident the next day. When Thomas woke up two weeks later, he wrote them the terrible news that he was about to go into rehab because of brain damage.

Although Julie posted a third update on his condition on February 19, she was appalled when her son received an email a few days later informing him that they would send him his P45 because of his “constant absence” .

The 39-year-old also claims that despite her son signing a contract stating he would pay £ 8 an hour, the store sent out a new version that dropped his salary to just £ 6.45 – which is the Amount for which he is owed reduces his shifts by £ 50.

After the angry mother emailed her supervisors to complain, emails showed they had pulled back quickly, claiming they never ended up increasing his P45 and attributing it to “miscommunication.”

Julie claims Domino’s behavior only made Thomas’s ordeal worse as the teen faces a long road to recovery now that he is classified as a vulnerable adult and worried about his future employment opportunities.

Domino has since sincerely apologized to Thomas and his mother and confirmed that they are investigating the incident, while confirming that Thomas’ position remains open under the “original terms of the contract”.

Julie from Watford said, “I absolutely hate it.

“They said there was a miscommunication, but at the end of the day we informed them [Thomas was ill]. They tried to discharge him while he was in the intensive care unit with brain damage.

“I told them he was in the hospital on February 4th with an accident.

“Domino said it was a miscommunication. You should have all of my data. If you wanted to know anything about Thomas you should have contacted me and asked me how Thomas is and what’s going on, but they didn’t . “

“They went and texted Thomas. Thomas informed them that he had brain damage and bleeding in the brain, then they continued [try to] fire him a few days later.

“Thomas was generally concerned. He has no income, he has to sign up and he has nothing to look forward to. I pay his bills for him and he didn’t need the extra aggro that they emailed and texted to become . “

Thomas was in the hospital recovering while his mother fought his side with dominoes and emailed a staff member to try to get his contract for insurance purposes.

She claims that after sending a contract at her son’s £ 8 hourly rate, the Chief Compliance Officer tried three times to call the email back before submitting an “amended” contract that said it would be £ 6.45 instead per hour.

Thomas Mabbitt's motorcycle in front of the 18-year-old was involved in a serious traffic accident on February 3, 2021

Julie said, “While he was in the hospital, I informed Domino’s store manager that my son was involved in an accident and will not come in.

“He was in the hospital for two weeks and then went to a rehab department. During that time, his manager texted him and Thomas said, ‘I have a brain haemorrhage and brain damage.’

“On Monday he received an email from a manager, the chief compliance officer at Domino, who said he had been fired.

“They emailed him. Considering that I had informed them and Thomas had texted them saying he was in the hospital and had a brain hemorrhage.

“I thought, ‘You can’t fire someone while they’re in the hospital and I informed you.’

“I kept telling them, can I have Thomas’ contract? [and saying] I want to know what his wages are, what he is entitled to.

“All I really wanted was his contract because we’re filing personal injury.

“I even said I needed the contract for legal reasons, then they did all of that and changed their contracts. It’s horrible.

“They emailed his contract saying he was making £ 8 an hour. Then they tried to remember because his pay slip said he was only £ 6.45.

Thomas Mabbitt's damaged Domino's uniform after being knocked off his motorcycle on his way home from work, causing a brain hemorrhage

“They tried three times to revoke this contract, but I had already opened the email so they couldn’t withdraw it.

“Then they sent me a new email with a contract that said he was £ 6.45. Fortunately, Thomas had a photo of the original contract that said he was £ 8 an hour.

“I managed to regain about 50 pounds from what Tom had [earned]. They now said they kept his job open, but I had no other correspondence from them at all.

“They turned around and said they don’t fire him now, they are pulling him back. He’s still in their books.”

Now Thomas is recovering from a diffuse axonal brain injury that occurs when the brain shifts rapidly in the skull even though its brain damage “cannot be repaired”.

Not only did he have to come to terms with his injuries, but he also had to take a break from college. After that, he hoped to become part of the Royal Artillery.

Thomas Mabbitt, 18, with sister Toni Mabbitt, 21, from Watford, London

Julie said, “Thomas is fine, but there is no cure for brain damage. He has a diffuse axonal injury.

“He’s still outpatient so he has occupational therapists. He’s now also got epilepsy as a result of the incident.

“He’s still pretty poor and is now classified as a vulnerable adult.

“He won’t be able to work for a year and he can’t ride the motorcycle at all because of the lump on his head.

“Thomas is done with his injuries and what will happen to him in the future.

“Thomas has just started [an online college course]. He wanted to do the Royal Artillery. He wanted to be like a queen’s guard. “

Nina Arnott, a spokeswoman for Domino, said: “We were very concerned about these allegations and we are grateful to Ms. Mabbitt for raising this issue at a difficult time for Thomas and the family.

“We have sincerely apologized to Thomas and Ms. Mabbitt and assure them that we are investigating this matter thoroughly with the franchisee who runs our Radlett business.

“We would like to offer further assistance as Thomas continues his recovery and can confirm that his position remains open under the original terms of the contract.”


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