'Don’t raise your voice at me': Heated debate sparked on Jeremy Vine's Channel 5 show with Insulate Britain activist

A heated debate about the Jeremy Vine show sparked during an interview with an Insulate Britain activist.

During an edition of the Channel 5 show on Thursday (Oct. 28), the panel – which included radio host Mike Parry and journalist Ash Sarkar – discussed Insulate Britain’s ongoing protest and whether the government was “cracking down” on protesters should.

On the subject, Mike Parry said, “We have to hold her somewhere, go and find an old abandoned summer camp or something like that and say, ‘I’m sorry you have to stay here for 30 days because you are a public nuisance.’

“If their hands are stuck on the street, I think they should pay £ 1,000 for the stuff they need to get their hand off the street. That alone is another ridiculous protest that we shouldn’t put up with. ”

Ash Sarkar, on the other hand, disagreed, saying that climate change has “happened now”. She remembered her street in London flooding in the summer.

She added, “You don’t see drivers being madly angry about this type of incident.

“I think there is an imbalance here, something very imbalanced in terms of the level of anger and violence against these protesters, and not the kind of disruption caused by global warming which is actually much worse.”

Cameron Ford, Insulate Britain activist, was then included in the discussion via a live link and asked how long Insulate Britain would last.

He said, “I sincerely hope we don’t have to go on … We will do this until we save the future of humanity.

“People need to understand the extent of what we need to do now to avert absolute disaster.

The discussion got so heated that host Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije – who is standing in for Jeremy Vine this week – had to keep asking the Insulate Britain activist to raise his voice.

It started with Claudia-Liza asking how the group felt about the many drivers and the life that “bothered” them.

Cameron replied, “Sure, it’s unfortunate that we have to be in this situation, and if we don’t get support, it’s because the media has lied to the public for the past 30 or 40 years.

When asked by Claudia-Liza what lies the media told people, Cameron replied, “They didn’t really report about the climate crisis.

“If it had been them, more people would take to the streets willing to risk arrest because they would see the truth of how little time we have left.”

Moderator Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije interviews Cameron Ford on the Jeremy Vine show

Moderator Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije then began to speak, which meant that the two were talking about each other and the transmission became inaudible.

Cameron then raised his voice and said, “I’m not going to stand by and let the government decide who dies and who lives. I’m sick of this. I stand by it. “

While hostess Claudia-Liza kept saying to the guest: “Cameron, don’t raise your voice. We’re having a decent conversation here. Don’t raise your voice to me “

It appeared that the live debate had split viewers’ opinions and many went to Twitter to post what they had just witnessed.

One viewer wrote: “#JeremyVine the host is the one who keeps talking about her guest from Insulate Britain and she has the cheek to tell him not to raise his voice … Classic.”

Another said, “What’s the point of isolating Britain on TV if you don’t all speak ??! #jeremyvine

One viewer also took to Twitter to say, “The state is not doing enough about climate change. Hence there is an isolation of Great Britain at all. They only cut taxes on domestic flights. Something that will save ordinary people about 20 pounds a year and rich people hundreds if not thousands. To fool you #JeremyVine ”

Other viewers responded to the clips from the show, which were posted on Jeremy Vine’s Twitter account.

One viewer said: “I am retired and have just upgraded my attic insulation. I didn’t expect anyone else to pay for it. If you pay for the heating, you have to save it. “

Another argued, “The moment Cameron started screaming, he should have been turned off. I’m sorry, but the 1% of global CO2 emissions this country produces won’t stop climate change unless you stop countries like China with 28% (2018 figures) “

One viewer added, “Cameron Ford of @InsulateLove, there is a better way to block roads and send people to the hospital for treatment. If you block the street and it causes someone to die, ALL protesters blocking the street will be charged with culpable homicide. Find a better way “

Jeremy Vine on Channel 5 airs at 9:15 a.m. on weekdays.


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