Doom Patrol Season 2: When Is the Sequel Going To come For the Fans?

Doom Patrol Season 2: When Is the Sequel Going To come For the Fans?

The very latest trailer for Doom Patrol Season 2 reveals the brand new look or the first look at the newest villains. Doom Patrol was the second original program to debut on the still-growing streaming service DC Universe, arriving just after the first season of Titans.

While the new DC Universe is still trying to create new, long-lasting programs, they have now found success with their initial batch shows, which was cancelled with startling speed. Doom Patrol season one was well-received by the fans and critics as well.

Doom Patrol Season 2 Release Date

Since the very first season of the show wrapped up in May 2019, the fans of the show have been waiting for more. Aside from that confirmation that the second season of the show would, in fact, be happening, the updates from the show were slow for a while. Finally, the DC Universe confirmed the second season would be premiering on June 25, and it would also be streaming on Warner Bros’ new service, HBO Max.


The first official trailer for the second season of the show has been released. And the trailer is getting lots of love from the fans as well from the critics. The trailer also gives the fans the first looks at the show’s newest villains. The new villains are The Candlemaker and Red Jack. Additionally, it also now introduced another superhero team who is called as the SeX-Men. Yes, this is amazing news that Doom Patrol is again back and it came back stranger than ever.

The first season of this show ended with nearly every member of the titular team shrunk down to miniaturised versions of themselves. The brand new trailer also teases their all struggle with getting big again, but it also shows that in some point, they all will achieve it and all of them will return to their normal sizes. The second season of the show will put a lot of focus on Dorothy and also her mysterious powers, that seems to be the biggest driving force behind the next batch of episodes.


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