Doom Patrol Season 3: Who is Madame Rouge?

The Doctor Who and Sabrina actress joins the models for the upcoming season of Doom Patrol in a position that could pose a significant threat to the team.

Michelle Gomez will be featured in the next season of Doom Patrol as the villain, Madame Rouge. Michelle Gomez is a favorite character heroine who has made a name for herself in celebrity fiction about the female incarnation, Missy, on Doctor Who and the most villainous Madame Satan was on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

She was also most recently found on the Golden Globe nominee, The Flight Attendant, and appears to be teaming up with HBO Max as she enters an impending season of the Doom Patrol.

Doom Patrol is essentially based on the long-running DC comic series of the same title that premiered on the DC Universe streaming service in 2019 and received critical acclaim for its quirkiness and emotional heartfelt moments.

Season 2 of this series aired on DC Universe and HBO Max and ended on a massive cliffhanger, as they were just one episode of the season finale before the COVID-19 pandemic forced its creation to stop.

The show was renewed for the third season that could only be aired on HBO Max, and a new villain joins the fray.

Michelle Gomez was represented in the role of Madame Rouge in the series for the upcoming third season. Madame Rouge is described as a complex and exciting bizarre who reaches Doom Manor with a very special mission, but has no knowledge. Gomez becomes a regular series in the third season of Doom Patrol.

Doom Patrol Season 3: Who is Madame Rouge?

Madame Rouge was bought from Doom Patrol # 86 on the pages of DC Comics in 1964. She had been a French actor who suffered a split character after a car accident.

The Doom Patrol villain, the Brain, and his partner, Monsieur Mallah, performed surgery on her that retained her devilish character since the dominant and has become a major villain for the Doom Patrol as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil. She possesses elasticity that allows her to stretch her body parts to any dimension and allows herself to change shape in any look she chooses.

Madame Rouge’s history indicates she will be set up as transparency for Rita Farr (April Bowlby) this season. Both are heroines with elasticity as strength. Rita can change her body, but hasn’t quite read how to control her shape-shifting skills.

Now on her way to master her skills, Rita wants to become a superhero, so a villain with similar skills can help Rita develop as a role. Madame Rouge with a split personality would also position her as transparency opposite Jane (Diane Guerrero) this season.

Madame Rouge’s appearance also implies Season 3 could see the Brain & the Brotherhood of Evil intro. The Brotherhood of Evil was created by Mr. Named Nobody in the very first season of Doom Patrol and before reaching his abilities, he was fired from the Brotherhood of Evil from the Brain and replaced by a smart French gorilla, a reference to Monsieur Mollah. Madame Rouge’s intro looks forward to hinting that the team’s worst enemy is coming to them in the third season.

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