Doorbell camera catches 'ghost' flying past dad outside his own house

A 31-year-old father is stunned by a strange picture taken with his doorbell camera.

Phil Johnson shared the footage of his ring doorbell online, saying his friends are just as confused.

Phil said, “The footage hangs for a few seconds and then shows me walking back into the house. Suddenly a strange object passes my head.

“I have no idea what that is. I’ve looked at it over and over and still don’t understand what happened. “

Phil said, “I’m not into ghosts or the supernatural at all. And I don’t want any Ghostbuster guys to come here to investigate.”

He said, “Nothing like this has ever happened before, no. As for the footage, I don’t know what kind of object that is. My partner thinks it’s strange and is a little freaked out.

“We signed up on social media and all of our friends think it’s strange too. I never believed in ghosts, but now I do.”


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