Doritos ad featuring sweet coming out story goes viral

You might want to reach for a bag of chips and tissues after seeing an ad from Doritos Mexico lighting the internet with its sweet message of acceptance.

The two-minute commercial was published over the holidays in Mexico and is called “El mejor regalo” which means “the best gift” in Spanish. Based on a true story, the video has been viewed more than 14 million times on YouTube.

At the start of the commercial, Javier travels home for Christmas and calls his father from a gas station to let him know they are halfway to his house. When his father asked Javier who he was with, he replied that he was bringing his friend from university, Manuel, who had nowhere to go on vacation.

Next, the cinematic commercial shows scenes in which the three men spend time together, but Javier’s father notices that there is something more to this friendship between his son and Manuel. He notices a quick cuddle they shared in his truck, how they held each other while riding and when his son slipped and Manuel asked, “What do you want, honey?” when they ordered at a diner.

“This Doritos ad from Mexico about a single father trying to express his support for his gay son is tearing me apart,” one person wrote on Twitter.Doritos MX / YouTube

Meanwhile, the father does not judge his son or ask questions. In one scene he visits the Reddit online site for advice.

“Hello, I am a 52 year old divorced father and I need help,” he writes. “I think my son and his friend are a couple and he won’t tell me.”

“How can I let you know everything is fine?” he asks.

At the end of the ad, the father walks up to Javier in the kitchen and asks him to speak to him, but instead of leaving, he tells his son, “I love you.”

Javier replies in tears: “What you want to tell me is that you love me for who I am?”

His father nods his head and the two men embrace.

The ad ends with an on-screen message: “The best gift for these holidays is to accept everyone for who they are.”

It’s a cute moment that makes viewers forget they’re watching a chip commercial until the Doritos Rainbow Pride logo flashes on the screen. The chip brand highlighted LGBTQ stories as part of its # PrideAllYear campaign last year.

“We were really proud of the successes achieved with Doritos Rainbow.” said Eduardo Córdoba, Marketing Director at Doritos México. “And we believe that the moment is right to show that our commitment goes beyond a proud celebration every June.”

An English version of the ad with subtitles was also shared online.

“This Doritos ad from Mexico about a single father trying to express support for his gay son is tearing me apart,” one person continued Twitter.

“I can’t believe I’m sharing a Doritos ad,” said someone else added. “This Doritos Mexico ad is beautiful.”

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