Downing Street shares Carrie Symonds' mobile number online

Downing Street made a mistake on social media after the Prime Minister’s partner Carrie Symonds’ cell phone number was shared on the internet.

Photos of Ms. Symonds’ dog were posted on the Flickr social media website, but Downing Street was unable to remove any personal information from the picture.

The photos that showed Dilyn the dog frolicking in the snow in the garden of 10 Downing Street were criticized when shared on Flickr. Pictures of Dilyn, owned by Mrs. Symonds and her fiancé Boris Johnson, were taken on Monday by a taxpayer-funded photographer.

One of the pictures of the pet in the snow in the garden at 10 Downing Street had Ms. Symonds’ phone number clearly visible on the collar.

The photo of Pippa Fowles, a Department of Defense photographer who was seconded to # 10, has since been removed, but the number still appears to be active. according to the M.E.N..

The mistake came when Downing Street defended the use of three taxpayer-funded “vanity photographers” to record the work of the government and the prime minister’s pets.

Two officials and a special adviser are taking pictures of Mr Johnson and other ministers, the prime minister’s official spokesman said.

When asked why the taxpayer had to fund pictures of Larry the cat and Dilyn the dog, the spokesman said the photographers “document the work of not just the prime minister but the entire cabinet” – apparently they were transporting the two pets .

Urged on the work of animals for the government, the spokesman said, “I refer you back to what I have already said.”

A Labor source said, “The government has prepared such a dog dinner with themes related to the Boundary Response to Children’s Education. Dilyn would be a big improvement and would likely be less tax money wasted.”

Pictures of the Prime Minister with Dilyn at Checkers were captured last year by Andrew Parsons, a part-time part-time political adviser.

A third photographer was recently hired after being posted on salaries of up to £ 60,635 per year.

“We have three photographers in # 10. We have a MoD photographer as one of those three. You recently saw that we hired an intergovernmental photographer and you will know Andy Parsons,” the spokesman said.

“The latest addition to the team is an intergovernmental photographer, which means that the main role is to work with other government departments and ministers across government.”

When asked why press photographers couldn’t do this job, the spokesman said, “It is obviously important that we record government activities and … make these images available for editorial use.

“You know that we allow other photographers to accompany ministers and prime ministers on visits.”

Union Assistant Leader Angela Rayner said: “The public is right to question why there appears to be no limit on the money that can be found to pay a coterie of vanity photographers for the Prime Minister.”


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