Dozens of families offer to adopt two-year-old Olivia

More than 50 families have offered to adopt a little girl who had been looking for a home her entire life – and who was faced with constant care.

Social workers have launched a last chance appeal for two year old Olivia – a “beautiful, curious” girl with an “amazing smiley face”.

Olivia has health disabilities, which means she always needs care – but if a family is not found, she is brought into care or care.

Since the appeal, an adoption agency in Devon has been contacted by more than 50 possible adoptive families.

Karen Dale, Family for Me project manager, said they were “surprised and excited” to receive more than 50 inquiries.

She said: “We have been surprised and excited about the large number of inquiries we have received from people wanting to know how to become an adoptive family for Olivia since she published her appeal.

“We are confident that this beautiful little girl will soon find the family she deserves, and we thank those who came forward.

” We very much hope that these inquiries will help us to bring more children from the project together with their eternal families. ”

Unfortunately, Olivia is only one of five children the agency is currently trying to find families for.

Meanwhile, the mirror reports that Katie Price has indicated that she “would like to adopt” Olivia.

Her plight touched Katie’s heart, who shared her story on Instagram and wrote next to it: “I would love to have her in my family.”

The former glamor model also added two heart emojis.

Katie Price

Katie already has Harvey, 19, who has septooptic dysplasia, a rare genetic disorder that affects his eyesight, as well as autism and Prader-Willi syndrome, which can cause learning and behavioral problems, and Junior, 15. Princess, 13, Jet, seven and Bunny, six.


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