Dr Hilary explains what you need to know before you book holiday abroad

Good morning UK based general practitioner Dr. Hilary Jones says there are a number of questions people need to ask before considering planning a vacation abroad this year.

The rules for overseas travel this summer remain unclear as the government will announce what is expected to happen in the next few weeks.

In an interview with the hosts Susanna Reid and Ranvir Singh, Dr. Hilary: “When people think of holidays, they have to think about different things. First, what is the situation in the destination you are going to?

“For example, we know that in most European countries, vaccination schedules have only reached around 15% of their population.

“We know masks were worn. So it won’t be the same experience that we will remember before the pandemic.”

“It will be a very delicate situation,” said Susanna. “Very similar to France – not on our red list, but 40,000 infections per day and 4,000 people in intensive care.

“I mean, their numbers are way worse than ours. It will be very … for people who want to vacation in France where they don’t have the same vaccination rates, it is a risky thing for us to do and a risky thing for them to do! “

Dr. Hilary said, “Absolutely! There are A&E doctors in France who have to decide who is going to get a ventilator. They make decisions like, ‘Do we treat this or do we treat this? Because we can’t treat both.’

“Because they don’t have ITU beds. This is a very serious situation and it is getting worse. In France it will be worse in April.”

“You wouldn’t want to catch it and end up over there in the hospital,” said Ranvir.

Dr. Hilary replied, “Exactly.”

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