DR Phil NET WORTH and Earnings Revealed 2020


One of the most popular and influential TV personalities of today’s Dr. Phil net worth assets have an estimated $ 200 million.

In addition to his massive net worth, Dr. Phil received $ 50 million in annual salary, making him one of the highest-paid stars on TV.

Dr Phil, whose real name is Philip Calvin McGraw, is best known to the public as a regular star on TV channels, a very successful author and also a former psychologist, earning millions of dollars in the total amount of Dr. Phil net.

Born in 1950 in Oklahoma, United States, the star moved to California, where he now lives. When he was in high school, Dr. Phil starred in the football team, where he played in the position of a middle linebacker. In addition, he even received a football scholarship.

Everything went well since the NCAA championship. The team lost to the University of Houston team with a score of 100-6, one of the most shocking scores in NCAA history.

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In 1990, Dr. Phil to become an investor and founded his first company called CSI, which stands for Courtroom Sciences, Inc. The company’s goal was to advise other companies and individual entrepreneurs on how to obtain settlements.

DR PHIL NET WORTH – $ 50 million!

The company brought the first dollar amounts to the net assets of Dr Phil. One of the most interesting facts about the company was that Oprah Winfrey hired the company and it led to the appearance of Dr. Phil on her show in 1998.
Dr phil mcgraw net worth

This appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show and many more that still aired after his appearance on Oprah Winfrey led to the recognition of Dr. Phil in the United States and eventually the star got his own show, which he is best known for today and which brings him millions of dollars for the total amount of Dr. Phil net.

Speaking of his writing career, Dr. Phil has published four books, all of which have received much success and recognition from critics.

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The life of Dr. Phil is all about TV, when not appearing on his own show, many other talk show hosts invite him to appear as a guest. In addition, Dr. Phil according to Forbes’ statement as of now about $ 80 million per year, which means not only an increase in his annual salary but also in his net worth.


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