Drew Brees' rattlesnake encounter leaves Sean Payton wanting more social distancing

Drew Brees may not have been quick to dodge defensive linemen and free blitzers, but Sean Payton preferred that he stay away from rattlesnakes, too.

Veteran quarterback Brees recently signed a new two-year deal to return to the New Orleans Saints, who have suffered from Payton in three consecutive seasons.

However, the quarterback-and-head-coach duo seems ready for another run in a Super Bowl next season after delivering the franchise’s first Lombardi Trophy ten years ago.

But given the importance of Brees – the all-time NFL leader for passing distance, pass completions, and touchdowns thrown, Saints fans would rather have avoided potential off-season hazards.

The 41-year-old uploaded a photo of a rattlesnake to his Instagram account next to the caption, “The baby rattlesnakes were out today … Saw them on the afternoon walk with the dogs.”

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At a time when people around the world are being encouraged to stay at home and limit their social interactions, the thought of Brees shutting himself with a snake prompted his head coach Payton to give some advice.

In a reply to Brees on Twitter, Payton wrote, “Let’s find another route. Okay?”

Payton was the first person in the NFL known to test positive for coronavirus when it was revealed he had COVID-19 on March 19.

Less than a week later, he said he was “cleared” of the disease and “did well.”

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