Driver shares car park hack that shows we've all been parking wrong

One man claims we have all parked incorrectly in parking lots for years – and shown us the right way.

TikTok users bigbruva_77 shared a video of the tech with his followers – and it quickly went viral.

He was picking up a vehicle from a General Motors parking lot in America when he noticed that all the cars were parked the same.

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Each car had been parked directly on the left line of the parking lot, which seemed to leave a lot more space on either side of the vehicles than if one had tried to park perfectly between the two lines.

In the video, he explained, “What if I told you all that we were wrongly parked in parking lots all along.

“Here we pick up GM trucks, see how they are parked – they are parked on the line. Do you see how evenly they are distributed?

“Imagine if everyone at Walmart parked on the line it would reduce the number of dents and give you space to get in and out.

“We got it wrong all along, all of you.”

Some viewers were impressed with the idea.

One wrote, “Wow, I can’t believe how easy it is!”

A second added, “It’s like the line was meant to help us.”

But others saw some major flaws in the plan – including the fact that we would all have to agree on the rule in order for it to work.

Another wrote: “You can’t even park inside the queues, do you expect them to park on them?”

And a third agreed, adding, “I think people will have difficulty parking right on the line, which is likely to lead to more accidents.”


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