Drivers warned over major Highway Code change due to come in this month

Drivers are told to slow down much further when overtaking horses as new changes to the Highway Code are made this month.

The new code change advises drivers that horses should be overtaken on roads at a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour and at a distance of two meters.

Rule H3 will be updated from January 29th and is aimed at motorists and motorcyclists and currently reads: “You should not cross over-ridden cyclists, riders or horse-drawn vehicles when turning into or out of an intersection or changing direction or lane. “

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Previous rules stated that riders should drive past horses at a speed of around 15 mph.

If drivers do not slow down they can be prosecuted if their driving panics the horse and injures the rider or horse.

Alan Hiscox, the British Horse Society’s director of safety, said Horse and dog he was very pleased with the proposed changes.

“People ask if the DfT [Department for Transport] really does listen to riders or see us like cyclists and I think that absolutely proves they do. I really think this will be an important step in keeping horses safe on the roads. “

Other changes include changed priorities at intersections, new laws on cell phone use, minimum overtaking distances and the introduction of speed limiters in new cars.

Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation car research charity, said, “The changed guidelines on priority at intersections can be confusing.

“Knowing that you had the right of way under the new code will be of little comfort when you are the one who will end up being violated.”

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