Driving during lockdown could invalidate your car insurance

Driving during lockdown could invalidate your car insurance

According to experts, driving while locked can void your car insurance.

That would mean paying thousands for every accident to cover the repairs.

Even if you don’t drive, you can get in trouble as some drivers cancel their insurance during the lockdown to save money.

However, if you leave your car on the road, it must be insured, reports The mirror.

Florence Codjoe from the website Uswitch.com, said, “You could end up paying thousands for repairs. If you are unsure during the lockdown, contact your insurer for clarification. ”

It is also illegal to park on the street without insurance.

Specialized automotive attorney Nick Freeman said, “Basic travel is broadly defined as shopping for the essentials, getting medical care, caring for a vulnerable person, and getting to and from work when you can’t do it from home . “

He added, “Anything else is not really acceptable. If you have an accident and you cannot prove that your trip was essential, your insurance may be void. “

Castle Insurance Services’ John Neill said, “If it is a non-essential trip and is used out of contract, there may be reasons for an insurer to decline a claim.”



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