Drug driver who killed pedestrian at 60mph has prison sentence increased

Drug driver who killed pedestrian at 60mph has prison sentence increased

A drug driver who hit and killed a pedestrian while accelerating had his sentence extended by the appeals court.

Rizwan Ali, who had used cannabis and cocaine, started at speed from a traffic light on Topp Way in Bolton, Greater Manchester and was traveling at 100 km / h when he met 65-year-old Colin Olawumi in August 2018.

Mr. Olawumi, described by his family as a “kind-hearted father with an infectious smile”, died on the scene despite efforts to rescue him.

Ali, 26, of Russell Street in Bolton was sentenced to three and a half years in prison in Bolton Crown Court in June, but his sentence was increased to five years on Thursday.

Lord Justice Haddon-Cave, sitting in London with Mr. Justice Johnson and Justice Martin-Edwards QC, ruled that the original verdict was “unreasonably mild”.

The judge told the court that Mr. Olawumi was beaten when he crossed the street about 200 meters from the traffic light from which Ali had driven off at high speed.

Ali was driving a “high performance” Range Rover that he had fraudulently hired with his brother’s license at the time and was found to have cocaine and cannabis in his system – which he had taken hours earlier.

He braked and turned to stop when he saw Mr. Olawumi, but it was too late.

Ali admitted to causing death by dangerous driving, to causing death by careless driving while exceeding the prescribed limit without insurance and fraud.

His case was referred to the Court of Appeals by Attorney General Michael Ellis QC under the inappropriately mild penal scheme.

In a statement following the verdict, Ellis said: “Ali killed an innocent victim by driving dangerously and deserves a longer sentence.

“I’m glad the appeals court increased his sentence today, and I hope it will shut down the victim’s family.”

The court declined an offer from Ali to appeal his original verdict.



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