Duchess of Cambridge birthday and Kate Middelton's eventful life before Royal Family

During a tumultuous era for the royal family, she was a dignified and serene presence, a stunning wife, and mother and queen on the waiting list.

And since she celebrates her 40th birthday on Sunday, her reputation with the audience has rarely been so high. She continues to delight the public and is a highly respected ambassador with her husband, William, Duke of Cambridge.

In a recent poll, the Duchess of Cambridge was ranked the audience’s fourth favorite queen, behind the Queen, the late Duke of Edinburgh and her husband.

But while castles, corgis, their children Prince George (8), Princess Charlotte (6) and Prince Louis (3) now fill their lives, their pre-royal life was eventful and very different.

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Kate was born at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading, but her family moved to the Middle East when she was only two years old.

Her father Michael, flight organizer at British Airways, and mother Carole, then BA cabin crew, moved to Jordan with their children.

The family stayed there for three years and it is clearly a country that Kate continues to love when she vacationed there with her husband and young children in Jordan last year.

When the Middletons returned to England, Kate attended private St Andrews School in Berkshire at the age of four.

She then attended Downe House boarding school in Berkshire, where she allegedly went through a difficult time that made her “desperately miserable” according to royal biographer Katie Nicholl.

Kate Middleton is turning 40 and has been in the royal family for over 10 years, but her childhood was now very different from her life

According to The Mirror, Kate said, “Since she was particularly lean and a head taller than her peers, she stood out for all the wrong reasons and was teased for being lanky and lanky.” In the middle of her school days she moved to Marlbrough College in Wiltshire.

Former student Gemma Williamson said the Daily mail that in Marlborough, after impressing school friends playing hockey and cross-country running, the future Duchess became “an absolute beauty” and “every boy in school thought she was lazy”.

Duchess of Cambridge birthday and Kate Middelton's eventful life before Royal Family 1

In 1987, her mother, Carole, founded Party Pieces, a mail-order company at her kitchen table, which grew into an extremely profitable company.

And in the early days of the company, Kate and younger sister Pippa often modeled for the catalog.

In a blog post in 2017 for the 30th anniversary of Party Pieces, Carol confirmed her daughter’s modeling days.

She said, “Over the years all of my children have played a huge role in this, from modeling for the catalog to developing new categories for the brand.”

But after leaving Marlborough and going straight to university, Kate began a character-building gap year studying at the British Institute in Florence and manning the Round the World Challenge boats in the Solent.

She also participated in a Raleigh International program in Chile, where she spent 10 weeks on an expedition in Patagonia.

In a twist of fate, her future husband William started a very similar gap year program in Chile that same year – with their trips to South America only a few weeks apart.

They first met a few months later at St Andrews University, Scotland, where they lived just a few doors apart in the student accommodation at St Salvator’s Hall.

Kate Middleton in St. Andrews, left, where she met Prince William, whom she would later marry to become the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, right in 2021

In 2002, the couple started dating after William reportedly fell in love with them during a charity fashion show where she modeled a revealing lace dress on the runway. The couple then moved in together and, despite a brief separation in 2007, got engaged in 2010, and married a spectacular royal wedding at Wesminster Abbey the following year.

Sunday marks her 40th birthday, but plans for a celebration have been replaced with a simple gathering of close family members due to Covid. It is reported that they may celebrate a 40th anniversary together when her husband turns 40 in June.

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