DVLA blasted by MP and told to 'get a grip' over licence delays and backlogs

An MP has blasted the DVLA and called on the Government to “get a grip” with major license delays.

Scottish National Party MP Richard Thomson has spoken out about the difficulties his continuants have been having with major license backlogs.

It comes as drivers and motorists have been complaining for months with some claiming they have been waiting more than six months for their license.

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In the House of Commons, SNP MP Richard Thomson said: “Everyone understands the pressure public and private services have been under during this pandemic.

“But almost two years on, we need action to tackle DVLA delays.

“First-time drivers, those renewing licenses and the logistics sector are all trying to recover from the pandemic and move on with their lives.

“It is simply unacceptable for communications to break down between citizens and public services, to the extent of inquiries have gone unanswered for months.

“I have written to the Secretary of State for Transport calling on the UK Government to urgently get a grip of this situation, which continues to have a profound impact on people across the North-east.”

BirminghamLive has previously reported on claims that people have been waiting months for a driving licence.

Truck drivers have also complained that the DVLA has been “threatening livelihoods” with backlogs and delays.

The DVLA has previously told drivers they should expect a six to 10 week wait for their license but warned it could be longer if the agency has to make decisions about medical conditions.

A DVLA spokesperson said: “Our online services are working without delay and there are currently no delays for bus and lorry license applications, which are being issued in normal processing times of around five days.

“We are working extremely hard to reduce waiting times for paper applications and for customers who call our contact centre, where demand is currently very high. More complex transactions, for example if medical investigations are needed, will take longer.”

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