DVLA confirms massive backlog of applications for certain drivers

The DVLA has confirmed that thousands of professional permits are being processed that concern truck and coach drivers.

Corresponding PoliticsHome, she has confirmed that “as of October 24, 2021 a total of 29,545 professional driver license applications were waiting to be processed”.

The professional license includes driver’s licenses for buses, coaches and truck drivers, all of which are currently in short supply.

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Leading transport companies claim that there are currently around 100,000 drivers short of supplies to supermarkets and public transport.

In a letter from the Road Haulage Association (RHA), the bosses called for measures to be taken to remedy the shortage of transport and the delays.

The letter calls on the British Prime Minister to “intervene personally to find a complete and workable solution to the critical shortage of truck drivers”.

The announcement warns that without decisive action “there is a risk of further damage not only to our businesses and livelihoods, but also to the UK’s integrated and finely tuned supply chains”.

It is because other drivers have also complained about a massive backlog in their driving licenses, with some claiming they had to wait months to get their license back.

The government agency has told people that they should expect a long wait of around 6-10 weeks to get a new license, but people on social media claim they waited longer.

The drivers have also complained about not being able to reach people to find out the process of their application.

One driver also claims that he has been waiting for his driver’s license since May. @ Mohamme59832336 said: “@DVLAgovuk I originally submitted my application in May and haven’t heard back or received my temporary license.

“I’ve called the number, used the web chat, and emailed many times, but haven’t reached anyone. It’s getting frustrating now.”

According to the DVLA website, paper applications from the beginning of August are still being worked on, but online license applications are faster according to the DVLA.

Regarding truck license delays, a government spokesman said, “There are no delays in preliminary driver license applications for buses and trucks, which are currently being issued in around 5 days – we are prioritizing these applications and looking for ways to even speed up this process Further.

“The vast majority of the truck and bus applications we have are drivers renewing their license and in most cases these drivers can continue to drive while we process their application unless directed by their doctor or optician to drive.”

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