E10 fuel expert shows how drivers can save money as new petrol likely to increase costs

E10 fuel has been rolled out across the country and there are a few changes drivers need to be aware of.

Since the fuel is better for the environment, drivers may not be aware that they may see a small difference in the amount of fuel they consume.

That’s because E10 fuel contains less energy than the standard E5 fuel. Autotrader believes that E10 fuel could increase motorists’ fuel consumption by more than 10 percent.

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Tests with which car? The magazine found that vehicles that run on E10 fuel are less efficient than the current E5 fuel blend (up to five percent bioethanol) with all of the engine types tested. This means that cars have to use more of the new fuel, which costs drivers much more each year.

So what tips can you use to try to improve your fuel economy? Here are some tips experts on Car leasing specials so that you can make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck.

If drivers are in slow-moving or stop-and-start traffic, consider applying the handbrake and turning off the engine to avoid fuel burns while idling.

Motorists are advised to use stop-start technology found in most modern cars because, when used correctly, it will automatically reduce the amount of time spent idling an engine.

Over speeding can also increase fuel consumption, so drivers are advised to adhere to the speed limit for reasons of the fuel tank, their own safety, and the safety of other road users.

The heavier a vehicle, the more fuel it takes to move it. Unnecessary weight such as bike racks or roof boxes should therefore be removed when it is not needed.

Heavy acceleration and braking use a lot of engine power, which means that more fuel is used.

Not only is this better for the environment to brake and accelerate smoothly, but also for the driver’s fuel bills.

This can be achieved by anticipating and slowing down the traffic ahead, including driving at a slower speed if there is a lot of braking at the traffic lights.

When running errands, make several smaller trips into one longer trip, as a hot engine is more efficient as the battery will perform better in warmer conditions.

Will Bullen, auto expert at Car Lease Special Offers, said, “We know a lot of people are looking to save money right now, and these simple tips are a great way to start reducing fuel costs.

“Smooth acceleration and braking are a given, but we also recommend anticipating traffic lights and slow-moving traffic instead of waiting between individual stops.

“Just making small adjustments can have a positive impact on your fuel economy and your bank account, especially if drivers are careful with the new E10 rollout.”

Regular vehicle maintenance helps maintain fuel levels by keeping the vehicle in the best possible condition.

As with any long journey, drivers should check tire pressure before driving, as tires that are not properly inflated can reduce fuel consumption by up to five percent.

The more aerodynamic the car, the more economical the fuel is, as open windows reduce drag and create greater drag.

Turning off the air conditioning also has a positive impact as less engine power is required, especially at low speeds.

The same applies to the pollution of the air filter.

When air can flow through the filters without problems, less engine power is used, which contributes to lower vehicle fuel consumption.

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