How to Earn Passive Money While Playing E-Games – 6 Ways

Earning money through playing video games is possible today, but it’s not a simple task. This message provides various options, ways to determine if they suit you and helpful tips to get started.

The reality is that turning playing video games into a career is challenging. Many individuals who attempt to do so will quit shortly after starting because the work interferes with the enjoyment of gaming. Instead of pursuing their passion and transforming it into a profession, many people grow to dislike what they once loved.

Additionally, the market is highly competitive, increasing the risks of failure. Despite the occasional success story, several others have attempted and not succeeded.

We do not recommend making playing games your primary source of income unless you are willing to invest several years into it and are young and single. However, it is not an impossible feat! In this regard, we have compiled a list of potential ways you can earn money through playing video games along with the challenges you might face.


1.AI Games that Generate Residual Income

This gaming opportunity is unique because it combines the home-based business industry with a digital open-world gaming experience, utilizing Web 3.0 blockchain technology making it possible to earn passive income. Players join an AI-powered gaming universe, where they can build and sell resources or create in-game assets with real-world value.

Players receive both game tokens (in-game currency) for their efforts as well as cryptocurrency payments that accrue passively over time. They can then convert these cryptocurrencies into real cash to use in the global economy.

2. Get Paid to Live Stream Games

Streaming your gameplay in real-time is a great opportunity to build a large or loyal audience that you can monetize through ads, donations, or subscriptions. Twitch is the most popular platform for streaming, although YouTube is also a viable option.

Building a live-stream audience can be a lengthy process. It’s possible that you may not exceed 10 concurrent viewers for several months and it could be years before you have over 100 viewers at a time. It’s important to note that many streamers never reach this level of success. To make a living through streaming video games, you’ll need thousands of regular viewers.

With so many popular streams available to watch, it can be difficult to stand out. However, you can differentiate yourself by showcasing your unique humor or personality, by being an exceptional player, or by playing games that are not being streamed by others. Keep in mind that the streaming landscape is already crowded.

3. Play Gaming tournaments to win cash prizes

If you want to earn substantial cash as a professional esports player, you will need to excel in your chosen game. Some competitions offer extraordinarily large cash prizes, such as Dota 2 which had a total prize pool of $32.85 million (£26.3 million) in 2022 according to Statista.

Please keep in mind that the major tournaments are highly competitive, and despite your preparation, winning prize money is not guaranteed.

Additionally, some video game tournaments require an entry fee. If you are a student seeking a dependable source of income, a part-time job may be a more secure option. However, it’s worth noting that if you receive an esports scholarship, it may cover your competition expenses.

4. Review Video Games

Combining gaming and writing skills makes video games journalism a great career path. There are opportunities to earn both on a freelance and full-time basis, however, it can be challenging to make a living writing reviews, particularly for beginners.

Starting a video games blog is a great way to share your thoughts on the latest industry news and events, as well as write reviews of your favorite games. Once you’ve built up a readership, you can monetize the blog.

Additionally, having a blog can help when pitching article ideas to magazines and newspapers or applying for journalism jobs, as it demonstrates your writing capabilities and genuine interest in gaming.

5. Develop Video Games

Have you ever thought about creating your own game? If you have the technical skills to build a website or app and an idea for a game, you can earn money and enhance your CV.

Although this tip is not directly related to earning money by playing games, it is still valuable. Being a skilled gamer can significantly assist you in creating a successful and visually pleasing game. However, it will require some time to develop the game. Once you have created it, you can generate income by selling it, providing in-app purchases, and incorporating advertisements.

Consider the most effective monetization strategy for your game. If you’re uncertain, analyze similar games available in the market and determine whether they are free or require payment. Additionally, observe if they display advertisements.

6. Video Game Coaching

If you have a thorough understanding and love for specific video games, coaching could be a great opportunity for you. You can teach other players by creating tutorials, sharing your screen to walk them through the game, or hosting group classes. It would be exciting to earn money by sharing your tips, tricks, and guidance.

Gamer Sensei is a platform where you can offer your coaching services for rates of $30/hour and above. However, not all coach applicants are accepted to maintain high-quality coaching services. This can be disheartening for new coaches.

Consider offering coaching services on Fiverr or locally for your preferred video games. To start, make a profile that showcases your gaming expertise and explains why customers should choose you as their coach. Your rates will depend on factors such as experience, the game’s popularity, and competitors.

Typically, video game coaches charge by the hour, ranging from $20 to $200 per hour. Running group lessons could yield even more income.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, earning money through playing video games is not for everyone. It requires dedication, skill, patience, and the ability to identify which ways are the most suitable for you.

While it might seem like an exciting idea at the beginning of your journey, it can be taxing over time and there is always the possibility of failing. That being said, if you decide to persevere and develop your skills, this could be a great opportunity to make money while doing something you love. 

With knowledge of these 6 ways to earn passive money while playing games plus some hard work and determination, you too can turn gaming into a profession – no matter what age or situation you are in. Good luck!

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