easyJet cabin crew to give Covid jabs across the country

EasyJet cabin crew will be recruited and expedited to assist the NHS as part of a nationwide effort to spread the coronavirus vaccine.

The airline wrote to the Prime Minister in November to support the government in its efforts to implement the national Covid-19 vaccination program this winter.

With over 3,000 crew members first aid trained, security cleared and security related in London, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Belfast in the UK, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Belfast, easyJet Cabin Crew is doing well positioned to support the NHS vaccination program across the country.

With easyJet continuing to operate on a reduced schedule due to the pandemic, the crew on leave has the ideal skills to help the NHS deliver the much-needed vaccine support with the Covid-19 vaccine roll out.

The crew applying will be quickly trained to become vaccine trained at NHS vaccination centers across the country, and will complete online and on-site training courses to qualify to administer the vaccine.

Last year, the airline worked with the NHS to recruit volunteer flight attendants for first aid training who provide direct support to clinical services at NHS Nightingale hospitals, and airline staff who volunteer as NHS emergency responders. EasyJet cabin crew and pilots have also volunteered to support the NHS through Project Wingman and to assist the wellbeing of the frontline clinical staff fighting the coronavirus pandemic in 85 hospitals across the country. The project’s co-founder, easyJet’s youngest captain, Emma Henderson, was awarded an MBE for running the charity.

As with these programs, hundreds of easyJet crew members are expected to sign up to continue supporting the NHS as a vaccine.

Johan Lundgren, easyJet CEO, said: “We are delighted to support the NHS in its efforts to protect the health of the country and to implement this important immunization program.

“We are incredibly proud that our pilots and crew can once again do their part to support the NHS and that we can play our role for the nation at this point – and I know so many of them are at this challenging time for the US will help country.

“The progress the country is making on the vaccination program is an exciting and much-needed development. Once introduced, it enables the return of normal life and is hands down the key to unlocking travel again and enabling you to travel to work, visiting friends and family, or for a much-needed vacation.

“We are happy and proud to be able to play our role and to be ready to support wherever we can.”

One of the first NHS trusts in England to enlist the support of a fast-paced easyJet crew is the Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust. Their Chief Executive Elliot Howard-Jones said, “We all look forward to welcoming some of the first easyJet crews to become esteemed members of our trust’s immunization team. Their first aid and caring skills make them ideally suited to accomplish the enormous task we currently face and provide protection from the COVID-19 virus to those most at risk. “

“On behalf of the entire Trust and our patients, we appreciate your support and look forward to working together to fight this pandemic.”

Katy Bryant, who has been cabin crew at easyJet and lives in Luton since 2005, explained why she applied for the vaccine: “Like everyone else, I am incredibly grateful to our NHS and all frontline health workers for all they continue to do do for the country with the ongoing pressures they are under from the virus When the opportunity arose for cabin crew to help the NHS as a vaccine, I knew I wanted to apply.

“As cabin crew, because of the first aid and safety-oriented training we receive for our job, we are in an excellent position to support the vaccination effort. I am sure that many of my cabin crew colleagues will join easyJet. I want to support the NHS in the important rollout of the vaccine across the country


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