easyJet suspends flights until next month and advises passengers to return home

Low-cost airline easyJet has announced that it will suspend most international flights from the end of this week as various lockdown measures are put in place across the UK.

The airline will only be flying on a small number of national and major international routes until the middle of next month.

It advises overseas passengers to book one of their return flights, which will operate by January 10th.

A limited number of services will be offered as of Sunday in order to “maintain essential connectivity between key cities in the UK” including domestic services from London, Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle, Belfast and Scotland.

In a statement, easyJet said: “We will operate flights through January 10th inclusive and focus on repatriating customers who need to return to the UK. We urge customers who need to return to switch to these flights as soon as possible. Travel after this date will be reduced.

“We are contacting customers whose flights have been canceled with their options, and all customers who cannot travel due to the blackout restrictions, regardless of whether their flights are canceled or planned, can transfer their flights at a later date for free or receive a voucher or a refund. ”

It added, “It is clear that testing will continue to be important in keeping people moving when travel is possible, and we continue to urge that the effectiveness of rapid test technologies such as antigen and LAMP testing become simpler and cheaper and less stressful for customers.

“Aside from the welcome introduction of the vaccine, this will play an important role in getting you back to normal life, including getting you back to work, visiting friends and family, or taking a much-needed vacation.”

The announcement comes as easyJet and easyJet Holiday launched sales of up to 40 percent off one million airports and up to £ 300 off holidays.

Paul Bixby, easyJetidays Commercial Director, said: “As the holiday season is drawing to a close and we are approaching the coldest month of the year, many of us want something to look forward to which is why we are starting up to £ 300 vacation days Offer great savings on our city and beach vacation until March 2022.

“We know that in 2020 many people couldn’t get away. That’s why we’re very pleased to be able to offer this discount on top of our already great deals, and we can’t wait to take people back on their well-deserved vacation in 2021 and beyond. “


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