Echo Show 10: Alexa stalker is fun, but very expensive

Announced last September, the Echo Show 10 is an Amazon device that brings the good old Alexa we already know with a different casing that rotates the screen nearly 360 degrees. In March 2021, it sold in Brazil for R $ 1,899.

As usual with an Echo device, it is possible to turn smart lights on and off, see the image from the intercom and much more, just with your voice. Echo Show 10 can also connect with Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix to listen and watch content directly on the device’s screen.

No YouTube here, but you can do a ‘trick’ and access the platform’s videos through the browsers already available on Echo Show 10, Amazon Silk, and Firefox.


The Echo Show 10 has a 10 inch HD screen with an integrated 13 MP wide-angle camera with a physical cover. The quality of the screen has improved over the first and second generation Echo Show. The image is brighter and can adjust brightness and color according to the ambient light.

At first, turning the screen was more scary than cool. But after a while it got more fun than scary. Despite not having any wheels to follow me, this Echo Show has a very quiet motor that makes the screen rotate on auto-tracking to follow me across the room from left to right.

It is worth noting that if the place is very dark, a message will be displayed that the motion is unavailable because the lighting is low. It also has no movement when the camera is locked.

Echo Show 10 can also be manually rotated left or right and the screen can be manually tilted up or down, but this vertical feature is not motorized.

However, the design is not the prettiest you will have in the house, and is even reminiscent of the iMac G4 from 2002. Another visual detail that may be a bit annoying is that even in the black version of the device – the cable. only one available in Brazil – is white.

The Echo Show weighs 2.56 pounds, which is to say, it’s not a speaker you can easily carry between rooms. The 25 cm width and the need to have free space around it to rotate around the base also somewhat reduce the possibilities for places to place the device at home. Amazon will even send you a sheet of paper so you know how much space to leave around the device for it to spin freely.

The device also has physical buttons for volume control, microphone mute and manual shutter. Speaking of volume, the sound is also very good here and, despite not reaching the level of Echo Studio (without screen), Echo Show 10 does well with its two 5-watt front-firing tweeters and its audio woofer. 25 watts.


Having a virtual assistant equipped with a camera that follows you naturally raises a series of doubts, mainly with regard to privacy. To ensure this safety for the user, the processing that triggers the movement of the screen takes place on the device itself, that is, no image or video is sent to the cloud to provide the movement function.

To do this, Amazon uses the audio location and computer vision to understand the user’s position in the room. That’s why every time you want to change the Echo Show 10 in your home, you need to recalibrate this motion functionality so that it understands the new space around you. The Echo Show 10 has a Mediatek 8183 processor with an integrated Amazon AZ1 Neural Edge to make Alexa more responsive.

To follow

Auto-tracking worked well when I was alone, and it took me a while to find myself if I was running too fast. But he was confused when someone else entered the room or when the TV was a bit louder.

However, in Echo Show 10’s settings, you can narrow the screen’s turning circle, set an exact idle position (where it will be when you’re not tracking something), and even disable motion completely.

You can also turn off the gesture function at any time by sliding the camera lid over the top button, adjusting the settings via the device itself or in the Alexa application. And of course you can also just say “Alexa, turn off the motion”.

Security camera (or almost)

In addition to serving well when conducting a video call or reading a recipe while cooking, the Echo Show 10 can also function as a kind of internal security camera, for example. That’s because you can remotely access the device’s camera through the Alexa app on your smartphone.

You can zoom in or out to see the whole environment, open the microphone to talk to your dog or cat while you work, or hear what he’s up to there. But there is nothing discreet about the feature: when you open the Echo Show 10 remotely, a giant warning appears on the screen indicating that “a member of the family account is looking at your camera” /

It’s worth the effort?

Echo Show 10 launched outside of Brazil for US $ 250, but here it arrives for R $ 1,899. This is the most expensive ultrasound ever seen in these parts. Despite being the most complete model, the price in Brazil is still too high for a digital assistant, especially if you are not a hard user.

Those who live in a small apartment and do not have much space to freely place the device in a relatively large radius should also reconsider the purchase.

Ultimately, the experience is fun and curious, but an Echo Show’s primary functions can be served by models that are much more affordable.

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