Edward Colston statue back in storage at Bristol museum

These images show the infamous Edward Colston statue, which is kept in a museum in Bristol – after it was withdrawn from the public.

The infamous effigy now lies flat on its back and is invisible days after four people were freed from pulling it down.

Spectators say it now stands next to steam engine parts and “old chocolate wrappers” in the M Shed Museum.

Staff reportedly recently removed the statue from general view “in line with a visitor poll”.

It was moved to the storage room in the adjoining L Shed just days before ‘The Colston Four’ was released at Bristol Crown Court.

Visitors can still see the statue – but only if they book a seat for a behind-the-scenes tour.

Sage Willoughby, Rhian Graham, Milo Ponsford and Jake Skuse were all found not guilty last week after tearing them down during a BLM protest.

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