Efforts to play down Jan. 6 insurrection 'indefensible,' Cheney says

For one thing, Clyde said, “If you didn’t know that the TV footage was a January 6 video, you’d actually think it was a normal tourist visit.” Arizona MP Paul Gosar said, “The DOJ is harassing peaceful patriots across the country.”

Cheney, who was ousted from her leadership position within the GOP of the House last week for refusing to subscribe to election-related conspiracy theories, pushed back to this revisionist description of the January 6 uprising.

“It’s unjustifiable,” she said. “I’ll never forget to see the police officers, the members of the SWAT team, the emergency services, you and your exhaustion. And they went through hand-to-hand fighting and – and – you know, people were dying.”

Speaking of CNN’s “State of the Union”, Rep. Fred Upton also pushed back the so-called “absolutely false” January 6th revisionism.

“I saw the gallows built on the Capitol’s eastern front,” said Upton (R-Mich.). “I spoke – one of the cops, Capitol Hill cops, is from my hometown. I spent time with him. It was cold, what happened, absolutely cold.”

Cheney also looked ahead, saying she disagreed with Republican colleague Jim Jordan (Ohio) that former President Donald Trump is a surefire way to win the presidency back in 2024 if he runs.

“I think Jim is wrong,” said Cheney. “It’s not the first time Jim has been wrong, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. But he’s wrong. And I think there are millions and millions of Republicans who won’t let that happen again. “

She added of Trump, “I will do everything I can to make sure he is not the candidate and everything necessary to make sure he never gets anywhere near the Oval Office again.”

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