'Eighth Wonder of the World' found in Second World War shipwreck at bottom of ocean

The jeweled amber room, which was built in 18th century Prussia.

Art advisor Michel Van Rijn: The Amber Room will appear

Divers believe they may have discovered a priceless chamber in a shipwreck, often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world.

The jeweled Amber Room was built in 18th century Prussia and installed in the Catherine Palace near Saint Petersburg, Russia.

It was dismantled by Nazi soldiers during World War II and brought to the city of Königsberg.

It then disappeared – and its fate has remained a mystery ever since.

But those involved in a diving expedition in the Baltic Sea believe the long-lost space may be in a shipwreck found last year.

The group of Polish amateur divers found the wreck of Karlsruhe, which sank in April 1945, in 2020.

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Divers will do 12 dives per day starting Monday



The wreck lies at a depth of 88 meters (289 ft) and a distance of 70 kilometers (43 miles) from the Polish coastal city of Ustka.

According to expedition leader Tomek Stachura, “there is a one to two percent chance that the room is actually in the numerous locked boxes that we saw on the last dive with robots”.

The historian Piotr Michalik said: “The ship was very heavily loaded with 306 tons, two minesweepers protected it, so there could have been valuable cargo on board.”

A replica of the opulent Amber Room can be seen in the Catherine Palace today



The divers will perform 12 dives per day from Monday and enter the wreck in teams of three through an open shaft in the middle of the ship.

You then have half an hour to examine the boxes with the help of underwater scooters before they have to surface.

A replica of the opulent Amber Room can be seen in the Catherine Palace today. It took decades to complete and was inaugurated in 2003.

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