Elderly blind dog heartlessly thrown out on the streets ‘has never felt love’

Despite her traumatic past, staff at the animal shelter in Greece fell in love with the loving manner of 13-year-old Ruby

Ruby when she first arrived at the rescue center after being found on the street (

Image: Alexandra Anastassopoulos)

An old blind bitch who was heartlessly on her own on the street is now looking for a home to spend the time she has left lovingly and cared for.

13-year-old Ruby was rescued by a Good Samaritan after being found “scared and dirty” while roaming the streets of Lamia, Greece, where she narrowly avoided being hit by a car.

She was taken to an animal shelter in the Greek city, where the staff quickly fell in love with her loving manner.

“She followed my footsteps all over the infirmary,” said veterinarian Eleni Katsouri.

“She loves to be cuddled until she falls asleep.”

The loving Ruby loves to be cuddled


Alexandra Anastassopoulos)

Staff believe the heartbreaking manner in which Ruby was found suggests the loving dog had a tragic past.

“Once [dogs] When they reach a certain age, the locals in Greece throw them on the street as they are considered worthless, “explains Alexandra Anastassopoulos, who leads a group that helps shelter stray dogs found in the area.

“She was probably left in a back yard and never put in to feel hugs, kisses and love,” adds Alexandra.

But the staff were amazed at the older dog’s transformation when it received the well-deserved care and attention.

“She felt so happy and safe that she just melted in my arms and fell asleep,” said Alexandra.

“Then she woke up and had the energy of a five year old dog. I think that’s what she missed most in her life. Then she ran out and found a dog to play with because she felt rejuvenated.

“You can tell that she was and is a fighter.”

Unfortunately, when she arrived at the shelter, Ruby was found to have had several illnesses, including a heartworm and tumors in her chest that the vet believes could be cancerous. However, the center’s staff hope that she can spend the remainder of the time in a happy home.

Ruby is looking for a loving home in which to spend the remaining time


Alexandra Anastassopoulos)

“We want a home for Ruby where she will be loved and cared for for the rest of her life,” says Eleni. “The most important thing for Ruby at this point is to be loved.”

Alexandra started a Facebook group called Greek Strays For Expats in Greece with three other women.

They work with animal shelters like the municipal animal shelter in Lamia to find homes for rescued animals, either with expats in Greece or with people abroad, with the UK being one of the most popular destinations for their dogs.

They hope Ruby can find someone who will give her the life she deserves while she still can.

“Ruby needs a home with an owner / adopted child who is willing to give her lots of love, hugs, and pets so she can have the rest of her time happily,” says Alexandra.

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