Elderly Minnesota women found dead at home in apparent murder-suicide

Two women were found dead at a Minnesota home in an apparent murder-suicide, officials said.

Officers from the Crystal Police Department found the two women, aged 62 and 73, after responding to a report of two deaths about 11:41 PM Thursday evening. the department said:.

Their deaths are being investigated as a homicide-suicide, officials said. The cause of death was not immediately available, pending an assessment by The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office Crime Lab and Hennepin County Medical Examiner.

Police said the two women are not related but are roommates who have been friends for a while, Crystal Police Chief Brian Hubbard told WCCO.

They are believed to have been dead in the house for days before they were discovered, Hubbard said.

Two women alleged to be friends, ages 62 and 73, were found dead in a Minnesota home during an apparent homicide-suicide, officials said.

The women were found after a relative of one of the women’s relatives applied for social assistance benefits after not hearing from her for several days. Neighbors told WCOO that the women mostly kept to themselves and that they didn’t see them often.

“You have lives that are affected. There are friends and family of people involved,” Hubbard told the outlet. “The officers and the investigators and the crime lab officers who are responding. Both individuals had been there for a while, so it’s a scene that’s hard to see for the first responders and the investigators responding.”

Police assured that this is an isolated incident and there is no danger to the public. No other suspects are wanted.

Police said the two women were roommates who had been friends for a while, Crystal Police Chief Brian Hubbard said.

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