Electric Cars: Initiative Promises Electro-Station Network In The US By 2023

Electric cars: By 2023, rapid electric refueling stations will be created that can meet the demand from electric car owners in the United States along the country’s major road corridors.

That is the goal of a collaboration between 53 US entities in the electricity sector, announced on Tuesday (7). The project was named Coalition of National Electric Roads.

The announcement was made by the Edison Electric Institute (EEI), an association of electric utility investors.

According to the organization, the United States should have a fleet of 22 million electric vehicles by 2030, which will require more than 100,000 gas stations.

There are currently 1.8 million of these cars registered in the country, which has 46 thousand public charging stations, and just over 10% of these are for fast refueling.

Fast charging electric stations

Fast charging is considered crucial to increasing the popularity of this type of transportation, as the Biden government plans. At these stations it is possible to reach up to 80% of the battery in less than an hour.

The nationwide network of electricity stations is formed from two existing sets, the Coalition of Electric Roads and the Collaboration of Infrastructure for Charging Electric Vehicles in the Midwest. It is expected that more than $330 billion will be invested by 2025.

Electric cars are alternative means of transport, more sustainable, able to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions.

However, in a statement, EEI says this is just one piece of the puzzle. Issues such as grid resilience, charging energy demand and equitable implementation of charging infrastructure also need to be addressed to ensure the successful future of electric vehicles in the US.

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