Elizabeth Warren Persisted. Now, She’s Driving Change.

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While the debate on President Biden’s Social Spending Bill rages on with several long-sought progressive ideas temptingly close to reality, little attention has been paid to the woman who helped advance it throughout her career: Senator Elizabeth Warren .

Warren (D-Mass.) Knows the story of progressive advocates who were consistently dismissed until their visions were realized. At the height of her 2020 presidential campaign, she delivered one remarkable speech and puts their ambitious plans into a powerful perspective: “In the course of our history, Americans have been told time and again that major structural change is simply not possible: they should just give up … they did not give up. They organized. They created a grassroots movement. she persisted. And they changed the course of American history. ”

Soon after, Warren’s groundbreaking suggestions only earned her 63 of the necessary 1,991 delegates secure the Democratic nomination. Then it was passed over for both the vice presidency and the cabinet.

Read the full text of Katrina’s column here.


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