Elon Musk Aims To Expand Tesla To ‘Extreme Size’

Elon Musk published, on Monday (21), a tweet in which he warns about the “extreme size” of Teslas expansion. This announcement is part of the company’s “Master Plan Part 3”, which Musk says will focus primarily on Artificial Intelligence and the automaker’s operations.

The entrepreneur also communicated that the new Master Plan will include considerations about SpaceX and The Boring Company. The news was revealed before the opening of a new Tesla factory, which opened today (22) in Europe.

The facility is Teslas first in Europe. The new plant is in Berlin, Germany, and is expected to produce more than half a million electric cars a year.

With an initial investment of US$5 billion, the Tesla factory will be an attempt to compete with Europe’s biggest automaker – Volkswagen, whose investment in electric vehicles is US$100 billion.

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