Elon Musk’s robots could develop personalities and be your friend, billionaire claims

In a detailed conversation with Lex Fridman about the future, Elon Musk revealed that his Tesla bots could eventually develop personalities and make friends with people

Elon Musk, richest person in the world (

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Elon Musk has claimed that his humanoid robots develop unique personalities and could even be made friends with humans.

The richest person on earth has revealed plans for his Tesla bot, which could eventually see humans alongside robots as companions.

In a podcast by Lex Fridman, the Tesla owner and SpaceX CEO said his robots might one day befriend people.

He said, “It could develop a unique personality over time. It’s not that all robots are created equal.

“That personality could evolve to suit the owner or whatever you choose to call it.”

The specifications for the Tesla bot that Elon Musk revealed will be built over the next year



However, Musk stated that when it came to his robots, he went before running and that he wanted them to do tasks that humans didn’t want to do first.

For example, you could pick fruits and vegetables from farms in the UK.

He added, “This is our goal so that the humanoid robots do tasks that humans don’t necessarily want to do.”

Musk said they could be used for “repetitive and tedious work” that could result in injury.

He hesitated to say that humans would be responsible as “owners” and said it felt wrong to say so, but said the robots could make the “perfect buddy”.

Fridman, the podcast host, is a scientist who studies human-robot interaction and agrees that Musk’s inventions could fight loneliness.

The Tesla Bot will be 5’8 tall and weigh 56kg



The humanoid Android would be 1.80 m tall and 56.6 kg heavy.

Musk nicknamed the robots Optimus Subprime and revealed plans to start building the Tesla Bot next year.

In the broad discussion with Fridman about technology and future topics, he said that Tesla’s current focus is on renewable energies, but that Tesla bots could outnumber their cars in the future.

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