Elton John celebrates 73rd birthday with help from his adorable sons

Elton John was sure to “feel love” on Wednesday when he celebrated his 73rd birthday!

The ‘Lion King’ composer and legendary artist had a quiet gathering at home while the world socially distanced herself amid the corona virus pandemic.

In a video John posted on social media, it seems that his two young sons – Elijah, 7, and Zachary, 9, – took the lead in singing their father’s “Happy Birthday”.

“Thankful for the best birthday ever with my family,” John captioned the video. He also shared photos on his Instagram story of the cards the boys made him in honor of his special day, and the message they left for him on a window saying ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’.

John shared the cards and sweet messages his sons made for him on his Instagram story on his birthday.@eltonjohn / Instagram

John has said that although he became a father later in life – with his partner, David Furnish, 57 – it was the best choice he has ever made.

“That was the biggest decision I made – well – we made … is to have those guys,” proud father explained TODAY in 2016. “They are our main concern. It is the things that come first. And above all.”

Despite his usual panache, John seems to enjoy hosting small birthday parties at home. He previously posted birthday photos with his family, share a nice photo a few years ago from his sons along with a birthday cake for him with the text ‘Happy birthday, daddy’.

“Life is beautiful,” captioned the photo.

John has a few busy days ahead as he prepares to host a remote charity concert to support people affected by the coronavirus pandemic in the United States on Sunday.

Musicians and performers – including Alicia Keys, the Backstreet Boys, Billie Eilish, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mariah Carey and Tim McGraw – sing from their own homes, filmed with personal video and audio equipment, according to a Fox press release.

The concert will take place on Sunday at 9 p.m. with no commercials on Fox. ET.

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