Best Elvish Translator Available Currently

After coming across a new language, many people become curious to learn the newly found language by using a translator. But it is never easy to learn a language quickly. Well, I never said it’s impossible!

Once you are done reading this article, it’s an assurance, that learning elvish wouldn’t be a year-on-end affair because you’ve got some superb options to help you out.

But before delving into this matter, let’s know more about the Elvish people who were popularly known as the Elves.

Who were Elves?

Introduced first by J.R.R. Tolkien, this language was used in his novels which were partly angelic, fictitious, and mythological beings. It created an interest in the readers, and the quest for learning the language increased.

The language reached its zenith and became very famous in modern times after publishing some masterpieces like The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

Yes, things tend to lose their spark with time, but in recent times people have wanted to know about the language, all over again.

And, we have translators that help us understand the language for making some quotes or phrases. So let’s go through a few translators which will help you in understanding the language and later be helpful for using them in your blogs or website.

English-Elvish Translator

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English-Elvish Translator

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Elfic - Elvish Translator

Elvish Translator
Elfic - Elvish Translator

This application will help you in clearing all your doubts and help you understand and write Elvish. With this application, you will also be able to gain access to the best Elvish lyrics and will be able to translate any phrase or sentence.

At times we tend to freak out when we just lose the translations but in the case of this application, your translated version gets saved to your gallery and saves you a lot of time rewriting.

Learn Elvis Free

Usually when one plans to travel to some alien place and you wish to learn their language which is Elvish, then you will want to know how could you learn their language and converse with them to make things easy. Here are some key features that will help you:

  • ⏩ It is an application that does not require you to be connected to the internet.
  • ⏩ You have a voice translator which helps you out with all the translations.
  • ⏩ The words are all organized and the reader does not need to waste time in looking for them.
  • ⏩ The word can be copied to your email.
  • ⏩ A job application in Elvish could also be created from this app.
  • ⏩To help you understand the language better, the translator will show the user the translated Elvish writing and writing in the local language to make it easy.
  • ⏩There are many animal lovers to wish to know the names in Elvish so this application would come as a friend for them.
  • ⏩Both novice and advanced learners can use this app.

Sindarin Dictionary

Elvish Translator
Elvish Translator

The English-Sindarin language phrasebook is available on this site. It also has translations of Elvish language and the writings of Tolkien. It also has a smooth word search.

Flamingo Elvish

Elvish Translator
Elvish Translator

At times the reader wishes to know about the phrases that are most common in the Elvish language. So there this app provides you with all the information. Android users can go here.

Runes Translator

This app helps in translating all the texts into Elvish. A person who is new to this language can also take help from this site. It can be downloaded easily on Android smartphones.

The user interface of this translator is very easy and simple to use. The translator needs to be installed first to start translating words.

On this site, you could type out the text after going to the menu and clicking on Elvish. Every character entered while providing you with the Elvish version.


  • ⏩Can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store.
  • ⏩The translated version of Elvish writing can't be copied and used on other platforms.
  • ⏩After saving the image on the display, you can share it via Mail, Bluetooth, etc.

It's a challenging part to translate to the Elvish language but these applications make the work of the users much easier.

Runes-Elvish Translator

This is the only application that is available for Apple iOs devices. The application is very much similar to the Android phone version or the sites and helps you translate in the same way.


  • ⏩After downloading the application, install it and choose the Elvish text.
  • ⏩The interface has three options Elvish, Medium, and Dwarf.
  • ⏩You can type many words and get the translated version.
  • ⏩The translated version is automatically generated.
  • ⏩For sharing you need to go to your gallery and use email for transferring.

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Jens Hansen

Jens Hansen-The Ringmaker is the best translator for translating English phrases to Elvish. The user interface is very gentle. Type out the word that you wish to translate and you get the results immediately. The translated text is automatically generated.


  • ⏩The user can copy the text.
  • ⏩The translated version can be copy-pasted and shared.
  • ⏩The user can capture the screen and share it.
  • ⏩The translated text can be copied and shared in many sites but there are some which do not have Elvish language support.
  • ⏩Translation output is displayed in the input text box for ease of use for the users.

English-Elvish Translator - Angelfire

Angelfire is one of the best tools that translate English-Elvish in some seconds. It is a simple one-page translator which goes well with a new user. It is a quick translating app and the user does not need to work harder to see the translated version. The user can also copy-paste sentences instead of typing them out.


  • ⏩The translated version of the text is provided to you on your screen within seconds.
  • ⏩After clicking on the translate button, see the language you wish to translate in.

Though this tool does not have very good ratings like the other tools, but giving this tool a try can be a choice to make use of it.

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Parf Edhellen

This is an absolutely new tool that recently arrived for Elvish translations. It is also known as Elfdict. This site also has an Elvish dictionary which is very helpful. It is like a dictionary that has numerous Elvish terms and phrases making it one of the best sites for Elvish translation. Users don't have any difficulty in searching for words as it is there in order and it has around 82596 Elvish words, 56 phrases, and 45903 active glosses.


  • ⏩A separate search box is available for translating texts.
  • ⏩The user gets access to all the words after typing out the text.
  • ⏩The Star shown next to the word indicates that the translated word is not used anymore.
  • ⏩Direct matches are words containing the characters users entered while indirect matches are thematically relevant to the words users might be looking for.

If you are looking for various meanings for a word or phrase then this is the perfect site. It provides you with the result in a jiffy.

The Rune Generator (derHOBBIT)

This is another wonderful Elvish translator which is absolutely free and different from other translators.

The users get many options for changing and adjusting their font color, background color, and size. The translated version is provided to the user in the type of an image.

After adjusting and choosing all the desired options, the user needs to choose a third option which is the Alien Character. Next, go to Run and within a few seconds, the translated Elvish version is there on your screen.

Go to the right click of your computer and click on Save Image. If you are working on a smartphone, then simply press-hold the image for a longer time and save it. After completing this step you could share the image.


  • ⏩For posting their translations on social media, this is one of the best translators of Elvish.
  • ⏩Elvish words and phrases can be translated.
  • ⏩Interface is simple and easy to use.
  • ⏩The tool is available at no cost.

This is the best translation tool. It provides the user with translating any language to Elvish. The tool is very interesting and comfortable.

Is Elvish a Real Language?


These translating tools are very much helpful. There might be various results at times and learning the language might not be as easy as you thought it to be.

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