Emmerdale fans say character return confirms who crash victim is

Some Emmerdale fans believe that following Monday night’s episode there is a creepy suspicion of who is the victim of the accidental death.

One character is killed at the end of the week when the show airs its major wedding and stunt episodes.

Little is known about the characters involved in the stunt and the surrounding storylines, as to their fate and what exactly happens.

Monday’s scenes confirmed that there had been an accident with multiple victims and that emergency assistance was needed. The mirror reports.

It sounded like Jimmy King on the phone, but viewers will need to stay tuned all week for more clues.

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Jimmy will crash a van into some farm buildings at high speed while Liv Flaherty and Vinny Dingle both face the danger of his evil father Paul Ashdale as they are both attacked.

The Monday episode aired the surprise return of Rodney Blackstock, Jimmy’s father-in-law, and viewers were delighted to see him.

However, some feared that his unannounced comeback could be significant and even a hint of death to come.

Many believed there had to be a reason for him to return out of the blue during stunt week every week.

Emmerdale fans say character return confirms who crash victim is 1

Increase TwitterSeveral viewers began to wonder if this was a big clue that the death might be his daughter and Jimmy’s wife, Nicola King.

Some even suggested that Jimmy might be the one who was going to die, and predicted that Rodney’s return meant something.

One fan wrote, “I wonder if it matters if Rodney suddenly returns.”

Another said, “Rodney back makes me think Nicola is dying.”

A third added, “Is Rodney back just in time for Nicola to die? I hope not.”

This was questioned by another viewer who replied, “Nicola said on Friday that Juliette brought Karl ‘over my dead body’ in the hopes that they would not kill her.”

A fifth fan tweeted, “Rodney hasn’t appeared in #Emmerdale in almost a year. If Jimmy dies, it could surely explain why he’s back.”

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7 p.m. on ITV, Thursdays at 8 p.m. with an additional episode.


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