End-to-end encryption update for Microsoft Teams

Among the new features of Microsoft Teams, end-to-end encryption is the first thing you notice. Note that this feature is valid for one-to-one meetings. It seems that the activation of the respective setting will be done by the system administrators.

Another innovation that Microsoft has announced for Teams is Teams-Intelligent Speakers. The device is designed for conference rooms and can be used to extract the written text of the meetings. In addition, the ability to distinguish speakers from up to 10 speakers is one of the hallmarks of Teams-Intelligent Speakers. There is no information on the device’s price and release date for now.

On the software side, it is noticeable that the maximum number of participants in webinars has risen to 1000. While the number of participants is increasing, the protection of interactive and reactive features is also drawing attention. If the number of participants exceeds 1000, the session will switch to presentation mode and 10,000 people can attend. Microsoft plans to increase the participant limit to 20 thousand in presentation mode before the end of 2021.

The latest innovation for Microsoft Teams is called Teams Connect. Thanks to this feature, Teams is intended to function as a kind of bridge between different organizations.

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