Energy firm says sorry for 'cuddle your pets to keep warm' advice

A utility company apologized for suggesting cuddling their pets and loved ones to keep them warm.

Ovo Energy had sent customers a link to a blog with tips that included “cleaning the house” and “making a few star leaps”.

The company issued a statement apologized to the company BBC, said, “We are embarrassed and we sincerely apologize.

“We understand how difficult the situation will be for many of our customers this year.”

SSE said people could find other ways to keep warm by leaving the oven doors open after cooking and “cuddling with their pets and loved ones to make themselves cozy”.

The blog seen by the Financial Times was posted to SSE customers and has since been removed and is being updated.

The advice came as many households are concerned about rising energy bills.

Labor will put additional pressure on the government today (Tuesday January 11) over the rising cost of living by calling on MPs to support previous promises to cut VAT.

In an opposition day debate in the House of Commons, the party will table a motion which, if passed, would force MPs to vote on the proposals.

And Labour’s shadowy climate and net zero secretary, Ed Miliband, said it was time to help families through the “growing cost of living crisis.”

Labor has proposed cutting VAT on energy bills for a year, along with an unexpected tax on the North Sea’s oil and gas industry, to aid those struggling with soaring energy prices.

But the government has so far refused to take action on VAT, and Education Minister Nadhim Zahawi said oil and gas companies are “already struggling”.


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