Energy price rise live updates with Ofgem and Rishi Sunak to give major announcements

James Cleverley: Some people always have problems with bills

Government Secretary James Cleverly said some people were still struggling with bills.

He told Sky News: “The Chancellor will set out how we are going to support people who are struggling to pay the bills – keeping people employed, making sure their pay packets put money in their pockets, and making sure with things.” like the Universal Credit Taper and the Living Wage increase, we make sure people can earn more to make up for it.

“But at the same time we also have targeted measures to help people with their energy bills.”

But Mr Cleverly added: “For some people they will still fight, we are very, very aware of that.

“But we really hope that the combination of general financial support – keeping people in work, making work pay, supporting those on the lowest incomes – and the very targeted action specifically on energy bills will make it happen that we hope the majority of people who are worried about their fuel bill will get support.”

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