Epic Games Announces Total Users: Are Danger Bells Ringing For Steam?

epic games announced that it has reached 500 million registered users. While the company does not provide details about these users, it is believed that the growth will continue in 2022. But Epic Games still has a long way to go before Steam.

Epic Games, which shines with Fortnite and has started to establish a throne in the hearts of the players with the free game campaign that it has been continuing for several years, announced the number of users. In the statements made by the company, it was stated that there are at least 500 million users registered on the platform. However, the company did not say anything about the details of this user number.

Epic Games launched the Epic Games Store in December 2018, one year after Fortnite, which it launched in 2017. The platform has also managed to attract attention with the games it has managed to publish from time to time before Steam. Epic Games, which broke the monopoly of Steam, seems to have started to eat the fruits of the steps it took. Moreover, it should not be forgotten that Epic Games has a remarkable game engine such as Unreal Engine 5.

Epic Games failed to catch up with Steam despite the latest data
Although the 500 million accounts announced by Epic Games are impressive, we can say that the company has not yet become a formidable competitor to Steam. Because Steam announced that there were more than 1 billion registered accounts in 2019. On the other hand; Even the number of monthly active users of Steam is over 120 million. So Epic Games still has a long way to go.

Epic Games is doing its best to both consolidate its presence in the industry and leave Steam behind. It is not known whether these steps will one day take Epic Games ahead of Steam, but according to Epic Games management, 48 percent of the new generation games announced have an Unreal Engine base. If the company manages to convince the developers and can release new games before Steam, we can say that there will be a huge explosion in the number of users of Epic Games.

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