Eric Holder: Barr has 'weaponized' DOJ

Eric Holder: Barr has 'weaponized' DOJ

“People need to understand that this is inconsistent with the way attorneys-general and the department have acted in the past – and that means both Republican and Democratic justice departments,” he argued.

Since stepping down and considering running for president this year before finally deciding against it, Holder has chaired the Obama-sponsored National Democratic Redistricting Committee, a group that aims to keep gerrymandering ahead of national redistricting efforts fight next year.

The former attorney general accused the Trump administration and the Republican Party of “unprecedented” obstacles to expanding voting rights, including attacks on postal voting amid the coronavirus pandemic, stating, “We do not have the Justice Department as an ally in these efforts as one might expect. “

“The Trump administration made the decision, and the Republican Party generally made the decision that it will do everything possible to make it as difficult as possible to cast a ballot, be it in person or by mail,” claimed Holder and added: “It seems to me that they are afraid of the people they say they want to lead. ”

While finding that the NRDC is coordinating with Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s campaign to ensure voter access to the elections, Holder warned that the November elections will by no means be a breeze.

“The reality is this is going to be difficult, we have to face it,” he said, previewing litigation that could potentially decide the election.

Still, he added: “It doesn’t have to be this way forever.”

“If we are successful at the state and local level, which I am working on now, this could be the last time we have such difficult elections. But it will be difficult, but it is not one that we cannot overcome, ”he said.


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